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You say, “You’re worried about the Coronavirus?”

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There is a lot of chaos related to COVID-19, The Coronavirus!  The news and social media are often conflicting and adversarial in their reporting of the events which are disturbing to so many people.  Some folks are wondering if it could be the end of the world.

The news and social media are not particularly helpful in detailing the events of the crisis.  There are some who are fearful and feel it is the end of the world!  Here are the words of Jesus in Matthew 24.  “But, of that day and hour no man, knoweth, not even the angels of Heaven know when the end shall come.  ONLY God Himself.  So, relax.  The whole end of the world thing has been going on forever and has been propagated by some very unscrupulous people!  When it comes to END TIMES, place your faith in Jesus and trust God.

The Bible does say that disease and pestilence will be present in the end times.  Luke 21:11, Revelation 6:8.  But there is no way to know if Coronavirus is a sign of the end.  It probably is NOT.

Should people hoard and stockpile stuff?  The Bible does not speak of that favorably.  Luke 12:16-21  There is nothing wrong with having some surplus in your home.  But, hoarding to the point that it causes others to suffer is wrong.  IT’s SELFISH.


How should Christians respond to a pandemic disease?  Galatians 5:22-23.  The words DO NOT FEAR occurs over 300 times in the Bible.  Our trust in God should be real, solid and powerful.  Don’t freak!  Yes, by all means be wise, discerning and reasonably prepared.  Yes, take sensible steps to avoid the disease.  But, don’t crap your pants!  No irrational fear should control any part of your life!

 The Adventures of Captain Hawk, Audio Stories and Today’s Story Archive on our website are all features of previous ministries and storytelling operations from the past.  We have left them posted for you to enjoy!  Have a great day😊 







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Captain Hawk® Inspirational Stories by Russ Hobbs

           Memories from another era!  Pictured to the right is the infamous Captain Hawk® played by Pastor Russ Hobbs.  The Captain Hawk® Adventures were presented on radio and through live performances and presentations presented at churches, organizations, camps, conferences and more through the 1980’s.