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A Costly Mistake!

Last week I was talking with a mate from South Carolina, Sam told me how he had taken up fishing and sailing to ease his mind and "work out his frustrations." He said; "it’s just good medicine to do the things that you love, especially when your job gets the best of you.

Sam was hired to lay carpet in the cottage of an old sailing buddy that he had been on many voyages with throughout the years. On a humid August afternoon he had just finished stretching the carpet and driving the last staples. As he was gathering his tools he noticed that there was a lump in a corner where he had just finished working. He reached for his pack of cigarettes and noticed that they were missing. He assumed that he had accidentally dropped the smokes and had covered them with the carpet. Sam was in no mood to pull the carpeting back up and he wanted to move on to his next job. He figured he could smooth the "lump" out with his mallet and went to the spot where he beat the carpet several times until the carpet laid flat.

He walked out to his truck and climbed in, as he slid across the seat he noticed that the cigarettes were on the dash. A moment later the lady of the house appeared at the door and yelled out to Sam, "hey, have you seen my canary?" Some times the best thing a guy can do is go fishing!