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The Lost Professor

We have all heard stories about those absent-minded professors. But here is a story about a professor who was just lost, not at sea but in the desert. A certain professor had taken a group of his students on a field trip to study the environment and gather soil samples. The entourage had traveled about two hours into the desert when their vehicle broke down. The group started out on foot to seek safety and relief from the intense heat. As they walked they soon lost their direction and discovered they were miles from familiar terrain. The team was becoming hungry and thirsty when one of the students looked toward the horizon and saw a lake! The students were joyous because they believed that their rescue was in sight. The professor told the students that they would not be wise to trust their senses because it was likely that what they were seeing was a mirage. The students protested and insisted that they would walk toward the beautiful body of water that lay before them. Reluctantly, the professor agreed to their wishes but told the group that when they realized that their vision was only a mirage that they could join him beyond the sand dune just ahead of them.


The students walked for about fifteen minutes toward the oasis that looked like paradise to their weary eyes. Sure enough, what they had seen was a new resort that had just been built, complete with seven swimming pools and several fine dining establishments. After they swam and ate one of the students remembered that they were supposed to meet the professor at the dune. The students accompanied by a rescue team went back to the place where the professor had told them to meet him. Their mentor was not there and he was never seen again. Whoever said; "you can’t believe your eyes" would not have had credible counsel for this group of students. The young desert explorers had not lost their sight, just their professor.