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How Do You Cope with Life Challenges?

"Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink," said the Ancient Mariner, according to Samuel Taylor Coleridge. For hundreds of years Bristol, England has been an interesting port city. John Cabot sailed aboard the Matthew from this port in the year 1497. Cabot sailed along the coastline of North America. Some "old salts" claim that the Americas were named in honor of Richard Amerycke who was a sheriff of Bristol and a friend of Cabot.

Island on a lake

In 1884 there was a church in Wakefield, New Hampshire that called the Reverend Asa Piper as their pastor. When Wakefield was founded it was divided into several sections. The sections were mapped off into 100-acre lots. It was the intention of the "town fathers" that the minister who settled in the community would receive one of the "shares" and a second "share" of 100 acres would be set aside for the purpose of supporting his work. This was wilderness land and it took a lot of labor to prepare it for use. Some of the land bordered Lovell Lake. The lake contained some islands. Pastor Piper thought that one of these islands would be a great place to graze his sheep. Since he did not own a boat he hired a neighbor to transport the sheep to the island. The man took two loads of sheep across the lake. But, when he took the third load over he did not return for a very long time. When he did return he brought the third load back with him. The neighbor told Piper, "I have been all over that crazy island and there isn’t any water on it at all!" He added; "sheep have to drink, so I brought em all back."

Some times the answer to a problem is right in front of us, but we do not see the solution to our dilemma because we can not see the obvious resources all around us. You can be sure that the sheep saw the water, a great lake surrounding the island. Many of us are often like Rev. Pikes neighbor, we simply do not see God’s blessings to meet our need.