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What Scares You?

Salem witch trialSalem Massachusetts is often known for tales of witchcraft and sorcery. Some years ago several young girls began behaving in bizarre ways in their community. The towns folk thought the girls had been hanging out with witches in the nearby woods. Today, some early American scholars believe that the girls may have actually taken LSD, a powerful hallucinogenic drug that altered their behavior. If the theory of the drug use is correct it would only provide additional proof of what is already a fact, drug use is nothing new.

I heard a story about a French town where unknown to many of the locals a substance was baked into the bread. When the drug was ingested it would cause individuals to go insane as they cried out in fear. Some times people who appeared to have recovered from the dangerous drug would again relapse or hallucinate within a few weeks. The problem was learned to have originated from a mold that was growing on the grain.

Fear has the ability to confuse, sicken and paralyze us from making correct judgments that effect our lives. Consider Mrs. Frank Davis who lived in the Southwest and became physically ill after learning that the ship that her husband was sailing on was in a great storm. Her husband had often told her stories about ships that had sunk in great gales with fierce winds. As soon as she learned that her husband was well, her physical symptoms and stomach disorder cleared up.

Some people who lived in a village in New Hampshire in 1650 were afraid to walk their streets at night. It was believed that a ghost who rode a broomstick terrorized the residents. The ghost was blamed for drowning incidents, boats that capsized and cattle disappearances. A few people even testified that they heard scratching and banging at their windows, but when they went to investigate, no one was ever there.

Centuries ago a prophet, Isaiah, told his listeners to trust God and to not fear men or situations. But, we’re only human and we do fear the worst some times. So, how do we escape those gut wrenching feelings that threaten to destroy us? We trust God and we exercise faith, mountain-moving faith. Our faith may be small but our God is not. So, who or what do you fear? Fear may paralyze your soul if you accept and are controlled by the ghosts of your past.