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Dads Nasty Brownies

A father’s two daughters were begging him for permission to see the latest movie, which happened to be rated "R," with their friends. When he denied their request, their pleading only intensified. "It’s only rated R because it has just a little bad language and a few sex scenes," they reasoned.

Later that night, the father baked some brownies for his daughters. They dug in and commented on how much they enjoyed them. "You like them, huh?" he responded. "Oh yes. They’re great," answered his daughters. "That’s interesting because I used a new recipe," he said, matter of factly.  "Oh yeah? What is it?" they asked.

"Well, I’ve always heard that, if you add a little dash of dog poop to the brownies that it gives them a distinct taste that people love," he answered, straight-faced.  The daughters immediately stopped chewing and their faces transformed from enthusiastic smiles to panicked looks of confusion. "You’re kidding!" cried one as she spat her brownie out on her plate. "What in the world were you thinking?" complained the other. 

The father explained that he would never serve such a dish because even a small amount of some things is completely unacceptable. God views our viewing and listening habits seriously.