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Do You Play the Blame Game?

Don McCullough wrote: "John Killinger tells about the manager of a minor league baseball team who was so disgusted with his center fielder's performance that he ordered him to the dugout and assumed the position himself. The first ball that came into center field took a bad hop and hit the manager in the mouth. The next one was a high fly ball, which he lost in the glare of the sun--until it bounced off his forehead. The third was a hard line drive that he charged with outstretched arms; unfortunately, it flew between is hands and smacked his eye. Furious, he ran back to the dugout, grabbed the center fielder by the uniform, and shouted “You idiot! You've got center field so messed up that even I can't do a thing with it!” It’s easier to criticize others than assume responsibility for our own faults and shortcomings in life.  Is it any wonder that marriages and families disintegrate, friendships dissolve and careers go south?  Let’s take the high road and examine the man and woman who stares back from the mirror each morning!  The world is full of “blamers and shamers.”  Let’s be “proclaimers” of love and encouragers as we first strive to clean up our own backyard!  If you want to explore who the real lawgiver and judge is check out James 4:11-12 in your Bible today.